NiftyPenny: Innovative Physical + NFT Platform

NiftyPenny NFTs are an innovative platform that pair the trading of a physical asset with a NFT of a NFTView of the same coin.

NiftyPenny is available through OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. The physical coin is redeemable on this website. NFTs may be traded on the marketplace. The NFT owner may redeem the physical coin or resell the NFT.

NiftyPenny NFTs can be displayed in ERC-1155 compatible crypto wallets or on websites that support viewing these smart contracts via wallets like MetaMask.

Example NFT

Example Physical Coin in NiftyHolder

Physical Security Features

  1. Holographic sticker matching certification number
  2. NFC enabled chip embedded in the holder allows verification
  3. NFTYView of the obverse and reverse of the coin is printed on the reverse of the holder
  4. Physical coins may be verified via this website by inputting the certification code

About the NFTs

Each NFT is a ERC-1155 Ethereum token. Existing NiftyPennies may be viewed at OpenSea.